Back-up Vocal~ A dear friend of mine is a team leader at her job. She is so talented in her position, that she has told me stories of numerous occasions, in which she wound up solving critical problems for other Departments, 3 floors up, on the other end of her building. These problems had nothing to do with her own work load. But, she was the one to quell each crisis. Because she is simply that good!
So, for several years now, I have felt that she has been saddled with an extremely hazy job description. Looking to offer her my support and admiration, 4 years ago, I crafted her a Birthday picture. This was before I had even completed my first Comic Strip. At that time, Art School graduation was 7 years behind me, and I was teaching myself completely updated software, plus how to make things like backrgounds. While she loved the end result, 4 years later, I wanted to give it new life.
So, with the Blessing of the wondrous “Miss M”, I rebuilt her Birthday picture and turned it into the comic strip you now see above. It is new, God willing, much improved, and is now part of Mannyacs folklore.