Back-up Vocal~ For the uninitiated, Bootsy Collins is not only one of the greatest bass players on the planet,
he is also an extremely colorful and flamboyant personality. A true enigma. With a wardrobe to match.
visit to Google images will verify that beyond ANY doubt one may harbor. Bootsy is famous for star
studded garb, and he is now so synonymous those stunning threads, that the world would be completely
off it’s proper axis if he wore anything else. He’s a beautiful soul with a captivating sense of style.   
A brief ABBA phase a few years back, revealed to me that they were famous for a pretty garish collection of
stage clothing early in their career. In a documentary, they explained that they wore those horrific outfits to ensure that people remembered them. Keep in mind that ABBA started out as Euro-Vision Song Contest winners. Most of those groups were One-Hit Wonders. ABBA were determined to beat the system and garner
a full-blown career out of their win. So, they opted to burn their image into the eyes of the public,
with admittedly awful stage clothing. They laughed all the way to the bank with that plan.
As for Frehley’s Comet? Hey, Kiss fans will know.