Back-up Vocal~I enjoy Tony Robbins. I admire his energy and his passion to help others. His efforts to
improve lives and even save them in numerous cases, is truly admirable and worthy of consideration.
Having said that, I mean for the reference to him in this here comic strip as a warped,
but truly heartfelt Splendorland Shout-Out. 
From the ashes of Tully’s recent nervous breakdown, he has been reborn as a “New Age Sensitive Guy”,
eager for wisdom to revive his state of being. So, it made all the sense in the world that he would
look to a resource like Tony Robbins, to provide him with insights. In Tully’s mind, he views this quest,
as a means of reaching true communion with the better angels of his own mind.
Truth be told, Tully has just enough firing brainwaves left to LISTEN to Tony Robbins teachings, but more
than enough pure stupidity to completely MISINTERPRET ALL of them!