Back-up Vocal~The software work that must be done to make Mannyacs happen, is extraordinarily boring.
So, background noise is vital. Music really quit working a few years ago. So, I have discovered documentaries and interviews with musicians and performers posted on youtube. I just hit play, let them run and go to work on the new comic strip. The guest interviewed really doesn’t matter. But, the longer the interview, the better. It helps pass the time, and every so often,  I run across a gem I can apply in my work.
Having said that, I stumbled across a Piers Morgan interview with Donny Osmond, which inspiredthe bit mentioned in Panel 2. I just had to cite the notion of rappelling down a hotel building to get to the Osmond family suite. Because, according to Donny Osmond, back in the family’s 1970’s career heyday, some crazy, love-sick teenaged fan, actually tried to do it!
That was far too good to pass up, so I borrowed it. The cheese sauce element was my own addition. It’s just
the kind of thing Manny and Soxx would do. As for the Jousting Club, your guess is as good as mine.