Back-up Vocal~ Ah, we finally get to the band name. I had wanted to reach this point for a very long while.
But, everything that took place before it, really had to happen the way it did.
I’ve become a fan of the cell phone trick as well. It’s fun to make, and it keeps me sharp, as I always have to find new ways to misspell my character names on the phone screen.
In addition, my beloved readers may have noticed that many of the strips boil down to just two characters talking. This is primarily the result of only having 4 panels for a strip. At first, I wondered how to justify Tully not being present for important meetings, in which vital matters like band names and logo designs are discussed. But, after his meltdown and trip to the psyche ward, Tully is becoming much more of the “New Age Medicine” type. Working with the boys takes a lot out of him. So now, he looks to Yoga, vitamins and Levitation classes for refreshment. In short, all this “nourishing his Inner Child’ and replenishing depleted “Chi”, is making him pretty clueless about how to do his job.