Back-up Vocal~ I’m going to part with a secret here. I had the band logo designed before I made my first comic strip. In a number of areas, this whole show came together backwards. I had the band logo finished, Manny’s Guitar designed and the Manifold© logo placed on T-shirts before I had the first comic strip even worked out.
So, the Dubious 3© logo was waiting and ready for use for 3 or 4 years. Now that I finally had the
context for it in the story, I knew it was time to share it and make it part of the Manny-Festo.
This one was a blast to make, because it’s really the first ever meeting of the minds between Manny and Tully. So, to my way of thinking, NOTHING could be more appropriate, than Tully breaking into a Conga song and dance, when he finds that he LOVES a bit of Manny’s artwork. Especially since it’s for the greater good of the band.