Back-up Vocal~ Sing for the wonder of the Live album! Back in the 70’s, some circles of the music industry community, viewed the Live album as sign of a band on its last legs. A last ditch effort to salvage a failing career. But, albums like Kiss “Alive” and “Frampon Comes Alivewere exceptions to the rule. They served as proof that a Live album could generate a whole new fan base. One of the most revered of these releases, was Cheap Trick “At Budokan“. The live performance of “I Want You To Want Me”, has been a staple track of Classic Rock Radio for decades.
I loved the notion of Manny not only wanting to make a Live album, but a TRIPLE Live album. This
level of ambition, from a band who haven’t even released their debut STUDIO album yet, is nothing short of pure narcissistic blasphemy. But we must admit, getting a genius like Quincy Jones to produce it, would make it sell like energy drinks at a marathon.  Manny’s philosophy is simple:  If you’re gonna dream, dream BIG!!!!!