Back-up Vocal~ MANNY’S BACK!!!!!! This one was a great deal of fun. Manny loves to make a grand entrance, and those are always a real blast to create. I’d never drawn Manny in a sombrero before, so this was a moment that allowed me to stretch a bit and try something new.
And this one also gave me the chance to expand on Manny as a story-teller. One of the most satisfying elements of what I do, is dreaming up ridiculous tales of Manny’s past adventures. I’ve got a million of ’em. Or, rather, Manny does. He tells them to me when he’s good and ready and my job is to make enough sense out of them to share with others.
Yes, the elusive Compression Coil has found its way back into the folklore. As previously mentioned, there’s a story behind that one. As for the Osmonds reference- come on, now. Anyone who has read my work long enough to spot the 70’s references, HAD to know they would show up some time.