Back-up Vocal~ Ok. So, Soxx took 3 weeks to record his drum tracks. Bo recorded all of his bass tracks in 6 hours. I figured Manny would take roughly 3 months to get all of his guitar tracks down on tape.
That’s 3 months, give or take about 6 extra weeks for Manny being….well….Manny.
His eternal quest for the ultimate sound and his pathological worship of guitar legend Steve Howe, always equal Manny’s sonic projects taking eons longer than they should. And as we’ve seen, his idolization of Master Howe, will always cause infinitely more problems than it will ever solve.
This one was me, looking to illustrate Manny’s history of fanaticism going just a few steps further
over the line.
And dig that Double-Neck Manifold© guitar. Even I want one!