Back-up Vocal~ As a Pittsburgh native, I liked the notion of Bo hailing from my home town. Bo went through 5 or 6 name changes before I figured him out as a character. Manny is based on my Simon and Soxx is based on my Caleb. I created Bo from scratch. Bo was the name of one of Simon’s brothers from his litter of pups. I remembered that, and I liked the idea of making Bo a bit closer to home as a personality and a character. Thus, I made Bo and Manny cousins. Plus, Tully, Manny and Soxx are West Coast natives. It should be pretty clear by now that these 3 are not the most centered of fellows. So, having Bo come from a hard working, Eastern town like Pittsburgh, gave him some grounding in his belief systems, and makes him the one card in the deck with a sense of work ethic and direction.
And, the “Back East” jokes in the earlier strips made a lot more sense, when Bo’s origin was fleshed out
a bit more. I loved the thought of Soxx making Bo promise to spout Rap slang  when his work was done.
It sounds completely ridiculous coming from Bo, and even Bo knows it does. That’s why it had to happen.