Back-up Vocal~ A few years back, I finally got to see Asia live in concert. This was one of the reunion tours of the original 80’s band member line up. Complete with Steve Howe on guitars. This was the incarnation that started the band. Hearing a live night of their classics, along with several songs from what was their newest album at that time, was a truly incredible experience.
One thing that surprised me, was when they played a tune called “Go”. It was the single from their third album, “Astra”, and Steve Howe didn’t play guitar on that album. Mandy Meyer did. That album was circa ’85/86, and Howe had left Asia after their second album and tour, to form a band with Steve Hackett called GTRSo, hearing Howe tackle the guitar work on a song from an Asia record the band made without him, was refreshing.
Plus, you just can’t beat that Asia logo. One of my favorite Roger Dean designs and one of the true classics in his library of creations. Who WOULDN’T want 200 crates of t-shirts sporting such an iconic image?