Back-up Vocal~ There is nothing quite like a cameo from Speero The Sparrowhawk, K-SUR FM DJ and professional mascot of Splendorland University. We don’t see Speero too often for a few reasons. While fun to write, he can be a real aggravation to draw. True, he is my character. But I still don’t feel I have my approach to him in ANY way perfected yet. Plus, Speero is a character who demands context for proper application. Since he’s not part of the principal cast, he only works in story arcs that call for his inclusion, as this Comic did. So I admit to being extremely rusty in getting his look right. Perhaps Speero could find more of a home within these Panels down the road. All I need is a reason and a tale that lets him shine. Knowing Manny as I do, I’m confident he’ll put a few notions together and bring them to my table when the mood strikes.

That said, this Comic was a great deal of fun to create. It allowed me to combine a few of my favorite ingredients in one package: music promotion, a snuggly nod to my beloved Moldova, and excessively colorful radio schmooze. Read Speero’s on-air banter and it’s clear that he really isn’t saying all that much. That’s what makes him such a blast to handle. Most often, my listening preferences land dead-center on a few choice podcasts and my favorite albums loaded into my MP3 player. Aside from a more recent, mild Muzak addiction on a local AM station with no DJs, I gave up on radio several years ago. I can’t speak to the present-day status of the realm. Thus, when pounding out Speero’s dialogue, my model was traditional ’70s and ’80s radio personalities loaded with the “gift of gab”. They deployed rapid-fire, bombastic word salads, with no substance in the center of their sugar-coated repartee. At the risk of patting myself on the back, I think I captured the spirit of said voices with braggadocio to spare. 

Soxx had the right idea. Since the DBS 3© sophomore album is entirely Disco, the ‘hidden bonus track’ had to be a different genre. As my boys have some history with New Jack Swing (whether they asked for it or not, see Comic #159), it made sense to let Soxx embrace it and explore what could be done. This leads us to Tully’s reaction to the proceedings. I will only venture to say we’re just getting started.