Back-up Vocal~ One of the most gratifying elements of making ‘Mannyacs’© is watching a story develop independently, while I follow where the arc takes me. Such was the case with the tale that formed these last 3 Comics. I had no plan in mind for the direction, I just went along for the ride and shaped the broader picture as I went. At their best, the results can be extraordinarily entertaining, especially to yours truly first, before anyone else reads one letter of one word I ultimately wrote. So while the duck loin shake was a fun addition to close out Comic #231, it became a fantastic centerpiece for the 4 Panels of this Comic, too. Soxx interacting with any of the guys is always a great time, as he flows easily in the give-and-take of discussion with anyone else in the crew. Whether he even knows he does it or not. His rapport with Bo is a joy to explore and as these two have gotten to know each other over time, they’ve allowed me to sit back, let them go where they will, and then catch up with them to edit and streamline their exchanges as I’m typing into the word balloons. 

I don’t know what Splendorland Kozway seaweeds contributed to the hallucinations Soxx and Bo endured, but Il Pavo pepper dust is NOT the sole culprit to blame. There is no Kale to speak of in my dietary background, regardless of how trendy the stuff has become in the last few years. Some might say that I could only uncover the truth if I were to spend a day guzzling those duck shakes myself. However, my tastebuds will never be taken on such a safari, particularly whilst I sweat like a lunatic inside a sauna. Because I’m NOT a freakin’ daredevil with my health.

Finally, I must count myself Blessed. I haven’t had an overabundance of nightmares in my life and I don’t know that I can lay claim to a vast array of ‘visions’. But I can say with certainty that none of them have been tainted with unwelcome visits from any members of the Osmond or Brady clans. Singing mongooses and human cheese wheels have also been kind enough to stay on their side of the dreamland fences. Should any such encroachers try to make their presence known in my corner of the world, I just might try to track down the remainder of the ingredients in Tully’s “Mondo Top Secret, Super-Ultra-Mega Special” duck shake recipe. Then, gulp it down and challenge all said parties to a town square Battle Royale for dominance over my sleep-time escapades. As a generous kinda fellow, perhaps I’d invite the survivors to help me compose an all-new ‘Falcon Crest” reunion musical. It can’t be worse than the one the networks already rejected.