Back-up Vocal~ Oh, the wonders of insomnia. Both the bane of my existence and the spark for some of my favorite Mannyacs moments. Lying in bed, waiting for sleep one night, a completely random thought came to mind. “What exactly was New Jack Swing?” With time on my hands, I jumped to youtbe to unravel the mystery. I was suddenly drenched in vast array of music videos illustrating the broad scope that was the answer.

For the uninitiated, New Jack Swing was a music form and beat style that exploded in popular it in the late 80’s and remained a moving force in R&B, Rap and various camps of Pop music until the mid-90’s. The style was upbeat and versatile enough to work well across a considerable expanse of the sonic spectrum. I was surprised to learn that a number of songs I already liked fit into the pantheon. Including several from Maxi Priest. That sparked the Comic you read now and it landed perfectly within the set-up provided by the Comic right before it. So, I ran with it. We haven’t had too many references to the R&B realm in our little zoo thus far. Primarily, because I’m just not well versed enough in the style to know how to explore it in an informed fashion here. But, the opportunity presented itself and I was off to the races to apply it in Manny’s world. Since it’s been quite a while for my Old School readers (and Thank You all again for joining the ranks), the “Bonus Disco Track” is a nod to Comic #21. I never really thought it would get a Shout-Out anywhere else in these pages. Believe me when I say, I was more stunned than anyone to see it resurface.

For the record, Tony Toni Tone ARE INDEED Tha Bomb and Good Lord above, I DO love me some Maxi Priest.