Back-up Vocal~ This Comic was especially inspired by all the ‘making of the album’ documentaries I’ve watched over the years. I’ve discussed my love for them in past “Back-Up Vocal” segments. Hearing all of the individual tracks that built a song one-by-one has fascinated me for years. Especially when we get to hear an isolated guitar track that was included perhaps as a nuance, but is buried so deep in the finished product that only the band even knows about it. Yet, when that one line is isolated and played by itself, the crucial nature of its role in the song brings a completely new life to the full picture. Some of my favorite bands have talked at length about hearing the “rough mix” of a tune in progress and that gave rise to our newest installment. The only difference in this case? Well, my boys are forced to meditate on their sonic developments dressed as Vikings. 

In truth, all I really had going into this Comic was the line Soxx contributed regarding the old Christopher Cross tune. Everything else was crafted around it. Our current tale keeps on showing me that Manny loves that IRIS album easily as much as I do. In fact, he can appreciate it even more, since he actually plays guitar. Any chance to spread the word of its brilliance is fine by me. While I have sung its praises in the pages of Mannyacs numerous times over the years, I think recent Comics have seen the most concentrated collection of them yet. Believe me when I tell you there will be more. Guitar genius and production legend Nile Rodgers absolutely gets the Shout-Out from Mannyacs…because he’s NILE FREAKIN’ RODGERS. I can assure you all that Manny meant no offense by marrying a Nile Rodgers flavored rhythm riff to bubbly hot tub water sound effects frosted with distortion and a souped-up tempo. Some would label our hero a heathen for deploying such blasphemy. NAY, I say! Manny would call himself “A VISIONARY”, blazing new trails in the audio spectrum. Here’s hoping Grand Sir Rodgers will applaud that pioneer spirit.

Yes, I have cast the occasional aspersion toward the old “Kroft Super Show”. One need only pay a visit to ye old YouTube and watch a few clips, to see why I make no apologies for the shade I’ve thrown. I regret nothing. It has not escaped my attention that Soxx garnered a ridiculous bevy of exotic musical instruments in Oslo, during his recent overseas jaunt with Manny. I’m not entirely clear how or why that particular port proved such a mecca for him. Perhaps further investigation in a future story will provide enlightenment. 

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