Back-up Vocal~ After intensive planning, posturing and considerable, good ol’ fashioned machismo fueled bragging from a certain floppy-eared renegade, we finally reach the wondrous moment: recording the first notes of guitar on Track 1 of the second DBS 3 album. I have pondered for some time what direction would be taken? What tone would be set? Would Manny go full force blasting out of the chute? Or, would he strive for a more subdued, atmospheric build-up to the sonic landscape he has in his mind? Alas, he refused to share such intel with me in our recent private visits behind the scenes. I’m even more in the dark than my Beloved readers. Yet, the notion of influences driving the dream seemed a logical way to start. I am no stranger to filling any given Comic with guitar hero name-drops. By now, I’ve proven I excel at it. I can do that in my sleep. That said, I was told in Art School that just because we can do something, doesn’t always mean we should. So, there had to be a context for throwing legends on the table. 

Broken record time and no apologies for it. Without ruining anything for those who have not watched yet (and what in God’s name is stopping you?!), the “12 Monkeys” TV series offered inspiration, yet again. A giant scrolled map plays a role in the broader story and it made an impression on yours truly. I borrowed a morsel of something from the notion and repurposed it to serve my tale. Thus, our Yoga Boy crafted a crude rendering of his own, charting the six-string icons Manny used to guide him on the search for his own sound for the opening tune. A few of my traditional favorite players found their way to the list, as well they should. The one that caught me completely ill-prepared was Roy Clark. I never saw the name coming and I can only put it down to insomnia. A blip of one of his old tunes chose to set up camp in my noggin and a handful of sleepless hours were spent with YouTube on my phone, watching videos of his guitar performances on several decades worth of TV shows. The man was a monster guitar player and a truly charming showman. Wanting to tip my hat to his legacy, I discovered that Roy Clark was the gateway to Manny finding his approach to playing the opening track on the new DBS 3 album.  Who knew?!

If anyone among my readers can offer insight on how a Nocturne about crafting hatchets might sound, please let me know. Manny won’t enlighten me on that one, either.