Back-up Vocal~ One of the most enjoyable elements of the “Bo Solo Album” story arc, was the hairpin stretch of road provided by the “Crumpet Castle©” thread. In particular, it brought Manny back to his roots as a jingle writer. Let’s remember, that was already our hero’s method of paying bills when we first met him. I can assure you that Manny had only meant to rely on that particular outlet for the briefest of seasons. Clearly, the Cosmos had other plans. True to form, he crafted what should have been the simplest of sonic baubles, turned it into a Prog Rock Odyssey and permitted the studio musicians develop it even more. Only Manny. Naturally, Soxx felt inspired to throw down with another percussive love note to Mireille Enos and I can’t blame him one bit. I believe I was engaged in another marathon viewing of “The Killing” series when making this Comic and a Shout-Out to this immensely talented and lovely actress is always appropriate.

That leads to Point #2: as this Comic was being generated, I had been reading “The Gospel According To Luke” by Toto guitarist, Steve Lukather.  It’s a fascinating memoir from one of the most accomplished musicians of all time. From jingles to TV show music to other artists’ albums to their own work, Toto have truly played it all. Lukather devotes a few pages to discussing Toto writing the music for the soundtrack to the David Lynch movie adaptation of “Dune”. I will happily go on record as saying that I felt the Toto soundtrack was THE ONLY redeemable piece of that ENTIRE disaster (“Take My Hand” is a captivating song, listen to it sometime). I’ll even take a step further and say that I NEVER thought it was possible for me feel MORE BETRAYED by David Lynch, than I did when he deployed that cliffhanger series-ending “Twin Peaks” Season 2 finale back in 1991. Until he made the “Twin Peaks” revival series I let a trusted friend HOODWINK me into watching last year. 2 solid weeks of my life I will NEVER get back, because I was under the naïve delusion that I would actually be given some ANSWERS. There are STILL NONE to be had and I’m out 14 days of an existence already RAVAGED by the cruel fates of middle-age. So, I’ll own up to a certain amount of….VENOM.…directed towards David Lynch in this Comic’s “Dune” reference. It’s the closest I’ll ever get to justice.

In closing, the impact of Bo’s album on the landscape of Splendorland and beyond continues to leave me speechless. I just had the all the fluids changed in my Manny-Mobile. I can only imagine how much better she might perform on the open roads, if I had her running on the unmatched and as-yet-undocumented powers and properties of new “Royal Bo-Nevolence©” Brand motor oil.