Back-up Vocal~ Lots to unpack in this one, as is often the case. It would seem that another one of my boys has developed an early warning sign or “sense” to signal potential dangers ahead. It would also seem that the feature got less helpful and informative to each new recipient. I can’t think of a single reason why Hapler would be any more deserving of a psychic alarm that actually works. Because, he isn’t. 

Let us remember that before Manny and Company….”acquired” their headquarters, it had been a state-of-the-art retirement home. Thus, a Samba Studio on the property is reasonable. For entertainment and such. A dairy farm and celery patch are also practical, for those who prefer the “organic and clean” approach to nutrition that’s become so trendy these last few years. But, I must admit to ignorance regarding the platinum mines. As for the lion’s den….well, every now and then the notion of a few less “suits” in the mix is not without charm. I suspect we could all appreciate that one. 

A recent binge-watch of the “Longmire” series inspired a YouTube search for Lou Diamond Phillips interviews about the show. That’s when I stumbled across a video of my guy appearing on a cooking segment of “Live! With Kelly”. Thus, I learned that Lou Diamond Phillips is a SORCERER in the kitchen. That was a spectacular element to include with his already storied name-drops in my work. Couple that next to Tully’s obsession with the man and it proved the perfect storm for inclusion in this here Comic.

Finally, a ways back I was sitting in the waiting room of a Mr. Tire, as the Manny-Mobile got an oil change. I listened as a few of the staff members engaged in a casual discussion about various NFL stars and their “Touchdown Dances”. That’s when I learned about the legendary Ickey Woods and his “Ickey Shuffle”. It SCREAMED for a Shout-Out from my Splendorland crew and the timing was ideal to include it here. Everyone remembers MC Hammer’s dance in his “Can’t Touch This” video. However, I felt that his moves in his first 1988 hit “Turn This Mutha Out” were also in need of respect. Hail this Festival Day…MANNY AND SOXX ARE BACK!!!!