Back-up Vocal~ Our heroes return to Splendorland! That means there are now matters of crucial concern to finally address. Tensions have been a’brewin’ between Manny and Bo, to be sure. However, instinct told me that it wasn’t time to throw down with all their venom quite yet. That discussion still needed time to percolate and it was too easy to just have the boys commence to screaming at each other right out of the gate. While it would have been an understandable direction, it was far too limiting. The well-worn trail might get you to the point faster, but it doesn’t always leave room for the fun that is often waiting in the world of nuance. It felt better to have Bo meet Manny with bombastic warmth and jolly smiles first. Bo is modeled after a buddy of mine and written towards his voice. I found there was a great deal more space in starting from the lighter side, gearing his approach closer to the tack my friend might take first.  Especially because, by his own admission, Bo was seduced by……..”The Muuuuuuuuuuse”. 

The two previous stories left several bits of shrapnel that attached themselves to the hovercraft, hitched a ride across the waves and demanded examination before we progress towards new plot horizons. In other words, it appears I’ve brought home a few strays. Truth be told, the “scones” tale took on a life of it’s own I never expected. When a plot device not only jumps to the front of the line, defines itself without my help AND screams louder than the better angels in my mind, I follow where it leads. All that said, the “scones” thread has provided a fantastic rabbit trail and let me explore one or two new dialogue elements that even made me laugh while I wrote them.

According to Wikipedia, North Yorkshire, England is the birthplace of my bass guitar hero, Pete Trewavas. I’m always happy to tip my hat to the best whenever I can. So, giving a nod to the land that gave him to us was a genuine gesture of Thanks. One of the most enjoyable components of this Comic, was writing Bo’s hazy description of what the “Crumpet Castle”© corporate office wanted in Manny’s jingle. I’ve never written a jingle in my life. But, I suspect that a room full of “suits” haven’t either. Thus, I imagined they could only compile a list of completely contradictory requirements for the tune to be featured in their commercial. If any musicians among my readers can conjure up a sample of a “Triple-Time Pow Wow Drum-New Jack Swing” hybrid beat, I’d love to hear it.