Back-up Vocal~ I’m a great fan of those making-of-the-album documentaries VH1 Classic used to run. I’ve always been fascinated by all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making records. And let’s face it: musicians are creative, whacky, eccentric, sometimes unstable folks. When you take that kind of personality and give them a deadline, it can make for some fascinating results. That’s why crazy things can happen in recording studios.
The two guys in Steely Dan told a story about their legendary session drummer,Bernard Purdie. Purdie has played on albums by ALL the greats- Sinatra, Miles Davis, Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin, the list goes on and on. Purdie is, without question, one of the Gods in the session musician world. The story went that back in the early 60’s, Purdie used to show up to his recording sessions, set up and place signs on the front of his Drum kit, with writing informing all parties present that they had just hired “The Hit Maker”.
I loved that sense of bravado and knew that Soxx had to do something like it.