Back-up Vocal~ The funniest thing to me about this one, is how one phase of it wound up writing itself in my head while, I was still drawing the panel before it.
Again, I’m guitar and bass nerd. I love reading about them and I follow what kind of gear my favorite players are using. On youtube, I stumbled across an interview with Megadeth bass player, DavidEllefson. He was describing how he crafts his bass guitar sound and tone, and demonstrating the features of his new amplifier model.Two weeks after watching that video, I suddenly remembered Ellefson’s comment about preferring a bright, punchy, midrange bass tone. It was
too good to pass it up. So, I wrote up my own version of the sentiment, for use in this comic strip.
What’s funny about it? When Ellefson’s comment popped back into my head, I wasn’t listening to Metal music. I was listening to Gipsy Kings.