Backup Vocal~ There’s a lot happening in this one as well. But just a few of the finer points to discuss: My friend Dave, is the biggest Kiss fan I have ever met in my life. So, the Peter Criss reference is for him.
Nobody knows it, but the voice and ethos for Soxx, were modeled after the Ed Chigliak character from Northern Exposure“. What I loved about Ed, was that most folks seemed to write him off as a clueless dreamer. But, every so often, Ed would throw out a complete curve ball, and wax in eloquent detail about the nuance and subtleties of films by Martin Scorsese or Ingmar Bergman.
I loved the dichotomy of his character.
So, I infused elements of it into Soxx and found that it brought even more warmth and charm to him. That jovial surfer dude spirit, combined with his unexpected and informed admiration of legends like Max Roach, are what make Soxx such a pleasure to write.