Back-up Vocal~ A Google search revealed that a non-stop flight from England to California is roughly just a touch over 11 hours. A long stretch of time to sit on a plane. I can’t imagine taking that trip by sea would be any more enjoyable, even in a luxury hovercraft. Honestly, the finest in creature comforts, like a sauna, jacuzzi, giant TV and a fainting couch, will only alleviate the cabin fever so much. So,”Crumpet Castle” saves the day, providing so many crates of their new “Tru-Berry”scones, that one can only ponder how all the aforementioned amenities already fit on-board. Never mind a lifetime supply of fruity baked goods for the journey home. I’m not privy to the actual measurements of the hovercraft interior. Such intel is waaaay above my pay grade. Moments featuring the boys discussing what seems to be an ever-expanding floor space, are really the only way even I get any reference on it’s potential size. I’d love a tour of that premium machine myself.

In thinking of the “betrayal” movies to cite in this Comic, 2 in particular stood out to me and demanded mention. “Dark City” remains one of my favorites ever. I still believe it is a brilliant piece of Sci-Fi cinema. Betrayal plays a crucial role in the plot. Even more, when I think back on how much the film was almost completely overlooked and unnoticed by the world at large, I can’t help but feel that a ball was severely dropped in the promotions protocol for it. In short, I know far more people who have never seen it than I know those who have. Yet, the underground fan base it has garnered over the years is on par with the ravenous devotion of Marillion fans. The story contains a wonderful message for humanity and it has gone unheard for far too long. Rufus Sewell was spectacular in it. Well worth the watch, go for the Director’s Cut. Now, to “Prometheus“. I personally felt extremely betrayed by this one. I expected a prequel to the first “Alien” movie. A prequel that I NEVER got. I gather I was in no way alone in my stance. Upon its release, I found websites, YouTube vlogs and even chat rooms dedicated to deconstructing and demolishing every ingredient of that chaotic stew. The entire endeavor was all questions and no answers. Took me a few years worth of Blu-Ray viewings to make peace with what we, the fans, were given. In fairness, I found the follow-up “Alien: Covenant” was a much more satisfying film and it largely answered my ponderings fairly well. Still, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give “Prometheus” a bit of a ribbing. The Shirley Jones reference? Come on now. I think at this point, long time readers have virtually no right to be surprised by it. That day was a’comin’ and it just did.

Finally, I can offer something of an update. Some of you previously read as I lamented my tribulations in attempting to acquire “12 Moneys” Season 3 on DVD or Blu-Ray. The Comic Strip #190 write-up was replete with at least a brief discussion of being forced to reach out as far away as Australia to purchase a copy of the Blu-Ray release. Because, at that time, word was that the United States wasn’t getting Seasons 3 and 4 in any collectible format at all. The price I paid was quite painful. Unlike Soxx and his “left of legal” copy of the third Season, mine was completely on the up-and-up. I never had to swear a blood oath of secrecy on the location of buried bodies. No bank robberies or hacking school computer servers to change a classmate’s grades. I just had to shell out serious cheese. It is absolutely true that I watched it 3 times in short order and it was worth every penny. Still, a brutal bit of business on my wallet. I am happy to report to anyone with an interest that, as of this writing, both Seasons 3 AND 4 are now available on our side of the pond, through . That’s where I went to buy that 4th, Final Season. I watched a marathon of Seasons 1 and 2 before watching Season 3. Then, I fired up a marathon of Seasons 1,2 and 3 before watching Season 4. Just for the record, the manic purchasing and OCD-caliber viewing all took place in the span of Spring and Summer, 2018. Let that serve as all the evidence needed to convince you, my super-spiffy, lusciously lovely, fantabulously frisky  and Tully-Rrific readership that “12 Monkeys” is a show that MUST be viewed. ALL my guys say so.

Manny Tested, Manny Approved!