Back-up Vocal~ Thus, we enter into Phase 2 of the Bo “solo album” saga. It felt to me that a considerable amount of ink has been spilled in exploring the tale from the home turf side of the line. Now, we begin to address the opposite end of the specturm- the reaction from Manny and Soxx. 

We haven’t seen 2 of our favorite “Traumasketeers” (that word is a Pete Flood original, Thank You very much) for a spell. When we last knew of them, they had hit the seas in the hovercraft, commissioned to track down Gipsy Kings on their world tour and deliver the invitation for THEM to reside as “Guests of Honor” at the next Splendorland University Guitar Show. One would think that job by itself was already ego assault enough to Manny. One would be right. Yet, there is even more personally damaging news to inflame our hero’s blood and the drama starts here! Truth be told, jumping right to the fallout from the situation was too jarring, even to me. It felt more appropriate to ease into the chaos we are sure to witness. As a result, exploring the calm before the storm was the better direction to take first. 

A few more notes to share: Even as a college graduate, the scattered nature of the hovercraft journey taken by Manny and Soxx will serve as shining example of my truly unfortunate, nay……disgraceful grasp of Geography. A vast array of perfectly nice and extremely qualified teachers applied their best efforts to correct my particular mental deficiency. Alas, it was to no avail. So, I figured if it can’t be cured, apply it as comic relief in these pages. Next, it is absolutely true and no secret to my longtime readers (God Bless you all for sticking with me), I LOVE “Northern Exposure“. It was a brilliant show and decades ahead of it’s time. I will go even further and say that I think Paul Provenza was a great choice to play the new doctor on the show. He was given a near impossible job, joining as the new leading cast member half way into Season 6 of a well established program. Right from the gate he was saddled with a weight I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I felt he weathered it beautifully and if the show had been given a Season 7, I know he would have flourished into an even stronger character with even more to offer the cast, writers and fans. Alas, Manny is right in his observation here. The show was canceled in an extraordinarily unceremonious fashion, with an ending that was absolutely moving yet….felt a bit rushed. The “suits” chose to cut and run, telling the press they were axing the show BEFORE they told the cast. To me, it smacked of the same kind of Corporate thinking that has always been such a thorn in the side of Progressive Rock. That exact caliber of “money-centered, bottom line” ethos gave us the Yes “Union” album, whether the fans (or the band) wanted it or not. But, I’ve dragged y’all down that road a time or two before. On a happier note….Oh, how I do love me some wedding soup.

Finally, my Shout-Out to the “12 Monkeys” TV series is timely in ways even I didn’t expect. As I have mentioned in the past, I LOVE that show (and why in God’s name aren’t you watching it?!). With Season 2 ending on a cliffhanger, I eagerly awaited the release of Season 3 on DVD or Blu-Ray to see where it was headed. There was some sort of serious change in plans from the powers-that-be and the decision was made not to release Season 3 in a tangible format Stateside. Because I own the first 2 Seasons on DVD already, I was desperate to get my grubby paws on a copy of Season 3, but had no clue how to do it. I don’t watch enough television to warrant shelling out the wampum for cable and I’m not a streaming fan. I like DVDs or Blu-Rays, because I prefer to own a series I love and watch it at will. It looked like I was out of luck. Until discussions on the show’s Facebook fan page revealed a few online sites allowing me to order Season 3 on Blu-Ray from Australia. The fine folks Down Under got a hard copy release, where we yanks didn’t. So, I caved. I’d really rather not discuss what I had pay for it. The point, is that I got it in the mail just days ago as of this writing and I can’t wait to watch it. In the last few nights, I’ve engaged in a binge marathon of those first 2 Seasons to refresh my mid-40’s memory on the details. Manny and Soxx are clearly fans as well. But, they somehow acquired their copies through……….resources other than socially acceptable, legal means. As we have seen, my boys don’t live hedonistic lives at all. No drinking, no drugs, no tobacco. They’d rather indulge their demons with TV series on DVDs purchased from the Dark Web. I vote we all stand back and give them some room to move. They deserve a vice or two. After all………They’re Rock Stars.