Backup Vocal~ There’s a story behind this one as well. Rather involved, based around an inside joke from one my Role Playing Game sessions with some friends. It’s a geek thing.
But, the game master had made an off-hand  joke that accidentally sparked my idea for the comic strip you now see above you.
We haven’t seen a great deal done with Hapler yet. He has developed a small, yet loyal following from the days before my web site launched and the comic strip only appeared on my face book page. If you are among those who have taken a liking to the little goof ball, fear not. He plays a much bigger role as time marches on. Meantime, the adventure above, means that he has been initiated and is now an official member of the tribe.
And, yes. It’s true. When, I dance, I really do make Pat Boone look smooth as Gregory Hines.