Backup Vocal~ So, the boys finally get their Winnebago. And, yet another reference to the
beloved and ever elusive Compression Coil. There’s a story behind that one.
As for the “Xanadu” reference, as a kid in the late 70’s my sister played the “Grease” soundtrack
into the ground. So, I don’t have the luxury of the same fond sentiments for the film that most folks my age seem to enjoy. But, I knew I couldn’t cast aspersions upon it, without making squadrons of enemies.
However, “Xanadu” has been cited among the 5 WORST movies ever made. Thus, I felt I could
trash it with complete immunity. So, I did. More to the point, there’s nothing horrific I could say about “Xanadu”, that wasn’t already said with much greater alacrity by critics upon it’s release.
If you plan to repurpose a cinematic tragedy, why not implement it to get you from Tampa to Tulsa?