Backup Vocal~ Another one inspired by a brief music obsession. This time, a 2 month ABBA phase. Now, it was not because the women were beautiful. I was genuinely fascinated by how the group got that incredible sound.
A few documentaries on their history taught me how they did it.
What threw me completely, was learning that ABBA has sold well over 360 Million albums. That number only continues grow. I also learned that anytime the band would tour, their sparkling stage costumes and the blonde woman’s perfect…….backside,  were always primary topics of discussion in newspaper concert reviews. This struck me as a joke just begging to be found and used. And I’m the one who found it.
Any manager would love to have their band achieve ABBA-caliber record sales. Thankfully, Manny has enough personal constitution to recognize the difference between selling big and selling out!  Tully? Not so much.