Back-up Vocal~ Look through any guitar magazine and you’ll be inundated with ads for gear of all shapes and sizes, along with captions of endorsement by the legends who use it. Their comments may be vague and simple, to the point of lacking the most basic elements of credence and zing.  Or, their language may be so insular and complex, that only the most hardcore of their brethren even understand them. Some will sing vibrant, colorful praises of the product in question, with overdone flowery prose. Others will merely spout “brand X item is great”.  Either way, the message is clear: ‘your hero (insert name here) hits the studio, stage or session with said gear from (insert company name here). You should, too.’ 

That’s a gross over-simplification on my part and I know it. But the concept remains. 

I’m a great fan of product loyalty. So, when a player tells the world they use a particular brand name, I like to see them use it. To me, that signifies that there’s more than just contracts, cash or free equipment motivating their choices. It means they believe in the product in hand, and they stand behind the company that makes it. That said, the Splendorland University Guitar Show seemed the right time for “Zoop Magazine” to get a word or two from our own Bo Truwavas, regarding why he plays Manifold©. No doubt, his comments smack of more truth in advertising than Manny had in mind. But, free gear built by family………is FREE gear built by family. At the end of the day, I opine there’s something to be said for that.