Back-up Vocal~ In describing Mannyacs to newbies, they’re often somewhat thrown when they first hear that my imaginary characters worship real life people. I suppose the name dropping, to the ferocious extent that I do it, really would sound bonkers without context. Ok. I know it does. Believe me, there are times when it catches me off guard, too. 

I was half way into this story when I finally remembered that we hadn’t had a group photo to mark this new event in band history. As some of my (Thank you, Jesus) loyal readers will know, Soxx feels compelled to record each turning point in the life of the DBS 3 family with a picture. I must admit this particular story grabbed me and ran in so many odd directions, that said photo really just got away from me. A time honored tradition had gone unanswered and left to howl in the wind. Looking to correct my oversight as I could, it struck me that there was more that could be done with this current predicament. Then, the “Zoop Magazine” fellows came a’callin. That presented an opportunity for some new ads to fill their pages.

Thus, it was only fitting and proper to not only explore, but exploit these current doings. At the end of the day, there is no forgivable reason on God’s green earth to stop at just one picture. Not when nothing less than 5 will quench the thirst of the masses. This was a direct order from Manny Manifold, The Earl of Excess. As we will see, I’ve done all in my power to follow the decree thrust upon me and serve the needs, nay, the DEMANDS of the kingdom. I doth suggest we all buckle up.