Back-up Vocal~ One of the highlights of guitar shows, is watching icons as they showcase the products they endorse. Youtube is full of interviews filmed at these events, and the range of guitars on display is insane. As a lifetime fan of both Geddy Lee and Steve Howe, I’ve always payed attention to the types of guitars they use. Both have experimented extensively over the years.

I don’t know if either one has ever had a presence at any of the major guitar conventions.

So, we decided to include them in ours.


My readership in Moldova has skyrocketed recently. While I’m baffled by it, I’m deeply touched to know that value in my work has been found there. So, a nod of thanks was absolutely in order. Finally, we ALWAYS have road construction underway, in every corner of Pittsburgh. So, there is no shortage of ground for effective and completely unceremonious burial of the Yes “Union” and “Brady Bunch Variety Hour” Master tapes. A standing offer to the powers that be.