Back-up Vocal~ Wow. We’ve finally reached Comic #150. Since this is a milestone number, I felt something unique should be done to celebrate it. So, I’ve used the last 2 Comics to serve as a set-up for this one. Years ago, I created the original version of this picture. While it was always a personal favorite, it existed without any context. It was just a One-Shot, stand-alone image with potential for broader development. But, it never really fit anywhere in our past adventures. As this current story arc began revealing itself, I found I finally had a platform to include it. So, the two previous Comics provided the time, place and framework I needed. Then, I just drew a new Manny picture and built the scene to crystallize it all. The joke itself remained virtually unchanged. All things considered, the concept presented itself in my head already gift wrapped. Trust me, that almost never happens. I learned fast that I have to run with these ultra-rare moments when I’m blessed with them. 
Allow me to offer my deepest gratitude to all of you, for sticking with us this long. Stay tooned.