Back-up Vocal~ This current story arc really developed a mind of its own and went renegade on me. It started out as a fairly straight-forward notion about a guitar show at Splendorland University. Then, it morphed into a sojourn through a campus colored (or corrupted, depending which academic department you ask) by the ever-widening legacy of our boys.
In this particular case, the elbow room has allowed me to grab an older idea sitting far too long on the shelf and explore it. That leads us to our present tale. I discovered that, with just a nudge here and there, a past concept could finally be given a home. So, I’m especially proud of where this particular little campfire story goes next. The Splendorland University adventures always hold a special place in my heart. Because, I was a sophomore in college when we got our Simon and I remember all the weekends I drove home to spend time with him. Making Tully, Manny and Soxx college classmates took me back to those days and allowed for super fun bonds between them.