Backup Vocal~ A few years back, I went through a very serious, 2 month solid T.Rex phase. To this day, I can’t explain it. But I bought every CD and downloaded every song I could find from them. During my journey through the world of T.Rex music, I discovered something. The band wrote fantastic pop tunes. You could dance to just about all of their songs. But many of their lyrics made absolutely NO sense to me. I don’t think I’m alone in that sentiment.
That’s when it hit me. If Manny were to try his hand at writing songs with lyrics, he’d follow in the footsteps of T.Rex.  He would concoct hook-filled pop melodies with bongo beats,provided by our boy, Soxx. Then, he would fill those catchy numbers with lyrics to confound the most brilliant minds of our generation, or any other. Songs with baffling lyrics about subjects no 70’s band ever tried to address on their best day. 
Topics like…….Quesadillas.