Back-up Vocal~ This current story arc has really become the gift that keeps on giving. It has revealed an interesting little collection of locales I never knew existed. Believe me when I say that I am more surprised than anyone else, when a new spot on the Splendorland University campus has unveiled itself for use. True, we did have a reference to the college coffee house dating all the way back to Comic Strip #00. But, this is the first ever actual visit here. Both for you, Beloved Readers, AND for me. As a result, this current story has broken itself down into a handful of smaller pocket stories inside a larger one. The room to move within it has become a real boone to me as a writer. So, we’re going to ride that wave while we can.  
Speero is a character who has eluded me for quite sometime. I’ve yet to really get a good read on him. College mascot? Kooky, cheapskate environmental zealot? Sure. I’ll start there. Those of us
in a particular age group will remember Remo Williams. Cult classic movie. See it sometime.