Back-up Vocal~ Allow me to explain. I really had intended to shelf the Reb Beach joke a ways back, whilst it was still fresh. Then, I could apply it again down the road. There was no grand plan to throw it back in the spotlight as recently as I now have. But, the story came calling and the chance presented itself once again. So, here we are. God willing, it will someday be a source of comfort and pride to Sir Reb, to know that his name has been immortalized in a webcomic. Even more, it has OVERTHROWN the previous title of a spot reserved for and devoted to academic debate.
Perhaps someday he might even forgive me for it. Especially, since I gave the place a dome with stained glass.
Finally, it’s time for a confession. The gizmo still clearly has a battalion of kinks, the mapping software is completely unreliable and the circuitry soldering is suspect at best. Still, at the end of the day, I will proclaim without a moment of hesitation: I WANT a “Mannyfest-Destinator”©