Back-up Vocal~ Yet another example to illustrate why Manny is so much fun to write. Manny’s complete absence of reverence for icons of the music realms, truly stands on a level previously uncharted by man. In short, Manny has no filter. No boundaries. No internal dialogue to guide him toward wiser judgement. 
Especially in the art of promoting his own product lines. Because, Manny believes that EVERYONE on our planet should play Manifold© gear, and NOTHING BUT Manifold© gear. Even I am left stunned by his bold, dare I say, STRIDENT approach to selling himself. Manny is BOASTFULLY militant in proclaiming his plan for dominance in the guitar kingdom. That’s what sets him apart. Do you want to tell legends like Clapton, Blackmore, Schon or Knopfler they’re playing the wrong brand? Manny will. Because…Manny doesn’t care. In truth, our hero may have a point. Take a good gander at a Manifold© Guitar. Manny would say it himself: “Ya KNOW ya want one!”