Back-up Vocal~ Band photos are a tricky business. Take any 4-piece band comprised of 2 guitar players, a bass player and a drummer. To photograph the band holding their instruments, the guitars and bass are covered easily enough. But, the drummer is often relegated to just holding sticks. There isn’t really a great deal one can do to make the image captivating and nobody looks tough holding a tambourine. So, we added maracas to the mix. Leads us to a confession. Know why Soxx tends to stick to acoustic percussion items? It’s because drum kits have far too many components. I am the first to admit to my own rather limited drawing abilities. A full set of drums is far too much information for yours truly. Point is, we all still find ways to get where we need to go. Can electric guitars, electric bass and bongos coexist? God knows October Project made it work.
“Patriarchy” is a term flying on gargantuan wings in our current world. Only Splendorland University would devote a school to the study of how the word fuses with Baltimore and gourds.