Back-up Vocal~ Ok, Beloveds. Lots happening in this one. First off, I am always thrilled when I can give a Shout-Out to personal heroes. So, we tip the hat to Barry Linck and Scott McDaniel. Two of my favorite comic book artists. We bring the love by naming Splendorland locales after them.
Ferness? Y’all can look that one up yourselves.
We prove once again that along with being a self-proclaimed electronics genius, Manny will not only work his own name into his invention titles, he will slap his “MG” logo on them without a second of hesitation. Whether they even work right or not.
I was pleased to discover that Hapler and Soxx have the hots for the same actress. A nice l’il bit of sumpthin’ in common. You’ll never go wrong with a nod to Mireille Enos. It’s fitting, because Soxx is based on my Caleb and Caleb was all about the ladies. Further, the ladies were all about Caleb.