Back-up Vocal~ I am a great fan of a tv series called “The Killing“. It was a spectacular cop drama show, running for 3 Seasons on the AMC network, with a 4th Season on Netflix. The writing and cast were absolutely stellar. However, I have long opined that the show was never promoted properly. By either network. To this day, far too few people know about it. The show earned a ravenous underground following, to the degree that fans DEMANDED AND GOT a Season 3. All because of their love for Detectives Linden and Holder and the chemistry between them. Even with the outcry among fans extending the show’s lifespan, I personally still feel that “The Killing” did not receive the broader notice and credit it so richly deserved.
So, here at Mannyacs, we felt it vital to give the show the Splendorland Shout-Out. The best way
we found to do it? Reveal that our Hapler has a STONE CRUSH on Mireille Enos. Watch “The Killing” yourself and we think you’ll agree. She’s an amazing actress and quite lovely, too.