Back-up Vocal~ Recently, a friend asked me why Manny and Company own a hovercraft. I must confess that this one has even baffled me for a few years now. As the creator of this whole crew of characters, it’s MY job to understand their motivations BETTER than anyone else. Still, regarding the hovercraft, I’m at a loss to explain. It started as a passing joke way back in the early strips of Mannyacs. I never meant to do anything with it. But, it has proven a fantastic plot device to propel a few stories forward.
Allow me to offer one observation: when most Rock stars become famous and successful, the skies finally start raining cash on them. Many of them buy fast, flashy sports cars. I would venture a guess that few to none of them would throw down the Benjamins on a hovercraft. Manny subscribed to the opposite view. He took all the monies accrued from writing jingles and bought himself a sleek and stealthy ocean beast. Before anyone ever even HEARD of him! Only Manny.