Back-up Vocal~ A few years back, Warwick Basses filmed a day-long event to celebrate their most famous endorsees. Legends like TM StevensSteve Bailey and Bootsy Collins were among those in attendance. The company acquired a luxury bus. They added microphones and amps. Then, they invited all of these heroes to unleash a bass-only jam session inside that monstrous ride.
They called it “The Fuss On The Buss”. You can look it up on youtube and view it yourself. In fact, you should. It’s a blast to watch!
In that spirit, I felt that a rhyming name was essential for the first annual Splendorland University Guitar Show. Above is what rose to the surface. Devoted readers (MUCH love to y’all), may recall that most of these single Panel strips have come equipped with written sticky note commentary from one of my boys. This time around, it felt much better to let this image stand as a statement by itself. So, I gave it the breathing room it needed. Let me know if I done good.