Back-up Vocal~ I’m fascinated by how the endorsement faction of the guitar world works. It can start with a company rep approaching a player, or vice versa. From what little I understand, there are levels or tiers to it, and the options or perks can vary depending on the company. As an outsider, I imagine the truest and most coveted tribute is the “Signature” model. This is a guitar or bass model with a player’s name on it and made available for sale to the public. As an example, a Geddy Lee or Bootsy Collins bass is the ultimate compliment and gesture of status from a company. Because, fans will want one. Here we see Manny ready to enact the same work ethic Paul Reed Smith applied to put his company on the map: approach legends himself and ask them to try his product. PRS Guitars, meet Carlos Santana. History. Our Manny will do no less.
Finally, “Manny-topian Delusions”? God help me, I think I just gave those DSM monkeys a new entry for Volume VI.