Back-up Vocal~ Time to time, I’ve written about various elements of my process for selecting celebrities I cite in my little world. Mannyacs may appear to be a carefree, giggly romp through the gardens of Pop Culture and fame. However, there is a considerable amount of work done behind the scenes in crafting it. Principle among the steps taken, is the quest for accuracy in the references I throw on the table.
In a few past works, I have directed some humor towards the Osmond family. This was always done within the context of poking fun at the ridiculous merchandising done during their glory days. The research done before the jokes were made, consisted of watching tons of family member interviews. Plus, old Donny and Marie episodes. Thus, along the way, I learned that in at least two of them thar shows, Jimmy Osmond really DID have his own Big Band. He lead and played trumpet. At nine years old. He’s a super talented guy. I give credit where credit doth be due.