Back-up Vocal~ I’m really digging deep and dating myself with this one. I’m the first to admit it. Those among us who are…..of a certain age, may remember the “Beauty and The Beast” TV show of the late 80’s. It was an updated imagining of the classic fairy tale, staring Ron Pearlman and Linda Hamilton. Set in the New York City underground, the show told the story of two souls from completely different realms, bonded by love and loyalty.
One of the most fascinating elements of the show, was the rich and vibrant culture of the tunnel dwellers. A principle component of life in “the world below”, was banging out messages on water pipes, to communicate across vast distances. Thus, word was spread about food or clothing from allies in “the world above”, or to warn of danger to the community. That notion inspired this new strip. Finally, does ANYONE remember a “Partridge Family” episode where they were actually PAID for a gig? Even with my own ridiculous Pop Culture knowledge, I’m drawing a blank.