Back-up Vocal~ I recently ran across a youtube posting of an Internet interview show called “Filmnut“. This is a program devoted to the world of film production. One particular episode was a discussion with Emmy Award winning Director, Michael Lembeck. Some may remember him from his acting days, as Kaptain Kool from the old “Kroft Supershow”, or as Max from later Seasons of “One Day At A Time”. Now, “Filmnut” is a Q&A show for aspiring directors. A viewer emailed in a rather detailed question, which could have been answered any one of several different ways.
Thus, Mr. Lembeck asked if the show was in Real Time. A serious query on his part, and he asked the questioner to write back and clarify the points they wanted addressed, so his answer would meet their needs. While certainly not intended as comedy, that moment still grabbed me and presented itself as a perfect fit for our current Podcast theme. I never know when a crispy little bit of witchcraft like that one will present itself. My job is just to ride the wave when it does.