Back-up Vocal~ For the last several years, a few camps within the realm of the Progressive Rock world have taken great pains in trying to define the genre. In print, I’ve found several “Round Table” discussions hosted by Prog musicians I admire, and read attempts to apply parameters to a music form that defies them. Prog was designed to fly in the face of categories. Take Blues, Classical, Metal, Jazz, even World Music. You will find that Prog borrows from them all to varying degrees. Then, throws them in a cauldron and lets bands reinterpret portions of them as desired. Prog is music without limits. For my money, Manny has just explained it better than I ever could.
I do my best to be Non-Partisan in the opinions expressed by my guys. Having said that, from time to time the system leaks. Thus, for better or worse, any questions about my own views  regarding an extremely particular era in Yes history, have now been yanked from the freezer, and served on the table. Without the civilities of seasoning. Or sauce. Or cooking.