Back-up Vocal~ In all of my recent references to Reb Beach, it strikes me that I completely forgot to share one important bit of intel. I recently met the man. He was the guest at a performance of a local improv comedy troop. He was given a handful of random topics shouted at him from the audience. He would then tell stories of how each of those given subjects fit into his personal or professional life. Then, the improv troop would mix the topics with Reb’s stories and combine them with their own additional elements to create completely new tales. It was hilarious!
As I do have readers in multiple countries (and I thank you all), I didn’t want Sir Beach to go on tour and hear fourth, eleventh or twentieth-hand accounts of how I’ve mentioned him in my works. I went to that show, so I could meet him and tell him myself of the place his name has found in these panels. He could not have been nicer. I felt it was time to retire the Reb Beach joke for a spell. As a result, it seemed fitting to send it off with a bang in Panel 4! Thanks, Reb!