Back-up Vocal~ Ah, the wonder of Progressive Rock album cover artwork. My first real exposure to Prog was in third grade, before I even knew it had a name. That first band was Asia. The cover artist was Roger Dean. His work has fascinated me ever since. For years afterwards, my knowledge and conception of Prog Rock would not extend much beyond Rush and Asia. Since they both got play on Classic Rock radio, I never really knew they were both pieces of a much larger picture composing an entire genre of music. Then came college, where I was introduced to the music of Marillion. They were my gateway back into the insanely expansive canvas I now understand as Prog Rock. I heard Marillion and I was home.
As to the notion of Prog Rock album covers, my wagon is still firmly hitched to the dragons, stone arches and floating rocks of Roger Dean. Finally, a youtube search will show you why Carl Palmer is so deserving of a Shout-Out in these here pages. MONSTER drummer. Prepare to be floored.