Back-up Vocal~ Back in my days working in Country music radio, I became addicted to reading CD liner notes. I was fascinated to learn who played drums, bass, guitars, etc. If you read enough of them, you could find connections between many of the studio musicians in the Nashville scene. Now, this was during the 90’s boom in Country music popularity. I can’t speak to the current studio musician pocket of the Nashville world. But, I do recall that with enough time and elbow grease, a virtual “Who’s Who” family tree of session players from that era could be mapped out.
Take a group like Toto. Recognize that they were all Los Angeles studio musicians who formed their own band, and crafted several songs that many circles have considered “Prog Rock” (the “Dune” movie soundtrack, anyone?). I would love to see some Nashville session folks form their own outfit, and hear how they would sound playing Progressive Rock tunes. Especially the Marie Osmond Band. But, why stop there? Let the Jimmy Osmond Big Band take a crack at it, too.