Back-up Vocal~ As a child of the 80’s, I vividly recall the days when Toto were topping the charts. Catchy tunes with hooks to spare. But what many casual listeners (myself included) failed to recognize, was that Toto were all SUPREMELY talented musicians with years of session experience already under their belts. For the most part, Toto WERE the band behind Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album. Drummers spent years trying to figure out the Jeff Porcaro beats on “Rosanna”. These were gifted men, who could craft songs with dynamics and character rarely found in standard Pop music songs. Yet, Toto have still never received the credit they truly deserve.
I have wanted to make a Toto reference in Mannyacs for some time. Sadly, as two of their members are no longer with us, it took me a while find the right way to cite them. A joke was completely out of the question. But, a Shout-Out to their album cover art seemed to fit the bill. Here’s hoping Jeff and Mike Porcaro look down upon me from The Gates with approval.